Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Super 16: George Jenkins’ Jordan Domineck carries sugary supplements

George Jenkins’ 6-foot-3, 215-pound defensive end/wide receiver brings a box of “Mike and Ike” candy wherever he goes, which includes the football field.

“I am in love with Mike and Ike’s the candy. I have loved Mike and Ike’s since my eighth-grade year. It grew on me and I just started eating them before every game, eating them during the school day and all day,” said Domineck, who checks in at No. 4 The Ledger’s Super 16 countdown, claiming 22 offers including Iowa State, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Appalachian State, Southern Mississippi.

“If you give me a box of Mike and Ike’s I will do most anything for you,” he said.

Mike and Ike is a fruit-flavored candy, extremely chewable, and is packaged a wide variety of standard and exotic flavors from cherry and orange to Tropical Typhoon and Berry Blast.

“My favorite flavor? I have to go with the originals, cherry, grape,” he said. “They say me with Mike and Ike is like Marshawn Lynch with Skittles. And I did get the idea from him. When I saw Marshawn Lynch eating Skittles on the sidelines, I was like, ‘Huh, that looks pretty cool.’ So, my eighth-grade year, I decided to try a different kind of candy.”

Domineck said there is always a box of candy around him at every game, whether tucked away in his uniform, or deposited with a water-person on the sidelines to hold just in case he needs an energy boost.

“Right before I go back on the field, he will give me a handful to get my energy up,” said Domineck, who, in his early playing days, got into trouble over the candy.

“My dad saw me with a box of them on the sideline during my little league game, and he got so mad at me because he was the coach. I had to run laps the next time we got to practice the next week,” recalled Domineck, who added there was a happy ending.

“My freshman year, the first game I played JV, my dad surprised me with a box of Mike and Ike to eat before the game. It was basically cool. From there, it just started a tradition. I have to have at least one box before every game.”

And it appears to have paid off at the varsity level when he blocked a field goal attempt and ran it back for a score against Bartow last season.

“We had just stopped them and they were going to kick a field goal. I took a handful right before the drive. We stopped them three plays in a row and I blocked the field goal and picked it up and returned it 77 yards for a touchdown. As soon as that was over, I was super-tired,” Domineck said.

“He has a lot of God-given talent,” Jenkins head coach Chris Canning said.

Though Domineck plays wide receiver on offense, he is being recruited as a defensive end and a drop-back linebacker — and he prefers to roam and hit as a defender.

“Defense is just a whole lot more fun than offense because you can be nasty,” Domineck said. “I have been on both sides of the ball, but playing defense is a whole lot more fun because you are a lot more unrestricted and you are able to go up and grab somebody and throw them. You are able to tackle and hit somebody. Basically, you are able to do what you want. Offense is restricted as to the way you can block and hit somebody on the field.”

Domineck plans to study medicine in college and become a pharmacist. He has also thought about developing a sugary-candy-type pill for children who don’t want to take their medicine.

“I have thought about it but just worry they would try to eat more than one,” Domineck said.